Our Mission

Our mission is to help others through quality counseling, therapy, and coaching to resolve the problems in their lives and maximize their potential so they are able to live life, life in all its fullness.

Our Professional Staff

All of our counselors hold a Master's Degree or Doctorate in mental health or Christian counseling and are licensed by the state or are being supervised by a licensed counselor.

Our Clientele

Our clientele are those individuals, marriages, and families within our churches and communities who need counseling help to address their mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual needs, as well as those who can benefit from coaching to assist them to reach their maximum potential.

Financial Arrangements

Most health insurance companies will reimburse a portion of our counseling fees.

For those without health insurance, we have a sliding scale. We try to never turn away those who desire to use our services. Contact our office to discuss our fees, your insurance, and a mutually agreeable financial arrangement.

"That all may have life, life in all its fullness." - John 10:10

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